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How people's faces change after 1,2 and 3 glasses of wine

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Breaking down the barriers of female sexual well-being


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Hey ... nice bumping into you here … I was told no one reads a photographer’s bio … well let me tell you a little bit about me , Marcos and also about my career and love for photography … Well … What would you like to know ?

I always had a feeling that I would definitely work with art somehow but I wasn’t exactly sure about the type of artist that I was meant to be … so I started with music, painting, sculptures, design and eventually ended up in Architecture School in college.

So I became an architect and was also working as a graphic designer and in order to communicate with the photographers who worked with me at that time I started taking some pictures and decided to study photography. It’s kinda cheesy but it was love at first sight. After that I joined a professional studio and started learning more as an assistant, and after that looking for new styles and techniques I worked with two professional photographers to improve my skills and find my own vision.

Feeling passionate and confident I’ve decided to find my way and opened my very own photography studio it was a nice place but since business was booming I had to move to a bigger place and found a perfect old warehouse in 2008. Major clients, massive jobs 400 square meters weren’t enough … and the artist was still active in my free time and in 2010 recognition, I was invited to participate in the International Rome Art Bienalle. And besides that many of my corporate gigs were also awarded overseas. 

2013 restless and hungry I realised that photography alone wasn’t cutting it no more so then I’ve decided to stay in NYC for a while to study cinema and felt greatly inspired and naturally skilled to start shooting right away. Back in Brazil two of my advertising shorts entered the Cannes festival preview top ten. With another short film I was awarded with various prizes in several international festivals. 

2016 I released the wine project, the biggest photographic viral on earth. 450 interviews later, I made another project, the first photographic branded content of the world, the “O” project, released in 2017, now with more than 450 million views all over the world.



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Thank you !

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